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Wilson Premier Baseball Multimedia Presence

By Wilson Premier Staff, 05/18/17, 1:15PM CDT


Wilson Premier Baseball is Set to Execute Its Mission in Providing Travel Baseball with Only the Best.  Offering Live-Streaming, Game Footage, Daily Reports, and Game Highlights.


Great experiences drive all of us.  So much that some of the most popular clichés focus on experience – ‘Enjoy the ride’, ‘Seize the day’, ‘Stop and smell the roses’ - are repeated more often than we care to acknowledge.  In the busyness of today’s world, most of us are so focused on the end game that we forget to savor the present.  Even during times that are life’s most exciting and encouraging, we are somehow slow to remember the process is at least as special as the final result. 

Often times, life simply boils down to our experiences, right?

Wilson Premier Baseball believes in the power of the experience. Yes, high-level travel baseball pits the best of the best against each other with players in search of college scholarships or professional baseball opportunities.  It certainly is fastball velocity, bat exit speed, pop times, and dash times.  But it doesn’t have to exclusively be the means to an end, there is an opportunity to relish the now and take in all that the moment provides that later becomes a one-of-a-kind experience.

To facilitate that, to ensure what a player, coach, parent, scout and other will experience at an event is nothing short of exceptional, Wilson Premier Baseball is set to take on a summer slate with an unparalleled experience.  And a significant part of that includes a best in class multimedia presence.

Wilson Premier Baseball is proud to partner with Localive to provide live streaming of all games played at the Wilson Premier West and East Championships. For anyone who downloads the app, Localive will broadcast all of the action between Phoenix and Sarasota in real time.

“Everybody who is involved with this company are all parents of multiple kids,” said Localive founder Chris Dyson. “Eventually when we finally started saying ‘why can't I get my kids game on my cell phone?’ I decided to do something about it.”

A parent of two baseball players who powered through the travel baseball circuit, both with multiple Division I offers and one currently a freshman player for the University of Florida, Dyson knows all too well of wanting to watch the action, but being unable to do so.

“You just can't be at two places at one time, as much as we all try,” Dyson said. “With travel ball, with everything else going on, you just can't be at every event, you're not going to be able to get entire families, never mind grandparents, cousins, friends, other relatives, other interested parties, they're not going to be able to go.

“What this allows parents, families, friends, relatives to do, is to be able to, either on-demand or a scheduled format, be able to see these events in real-time, live, anywhere in the world from any device.”

After a year’s time of work in building Localive, Wilson Premier will be the first event where Localive is introduced.

“When we talked to Wilson Premier, they run their events and they have the same philosophy as to what these events should be that we do. There's no reason that this can't be a tremendous experience for the families. If you take away the experience from it, and take away the joy these parents, players and friends have, with just sheer competition, I think you're losing a big part of it. If we can bring more of that to people, that's what Localive is all about.”

In addition to the live streaming of games, the video presence at the Wilson Premier Championship events will extend into sharing the stories of the players and coaches involved, as well as capturing all that goes into why Wilson Premier is leading the way in providing a first-class experience for all involved.

SkillShow will be on hand as Wilson Premier’s videography service, capturing the moments that live in the minds of all involved for years to come. SkillShow will capture everything from the lighthearted moments the players enjoy outside of the lines to the tense on field experience each event is sure to produce with such high level players laying it all down in pursuit of a championship.

Established in 2001, SkillShow is the leading authority in amateur sports in providing video services for showcases, tournaments and events. A college baseball player at Villanova, before a four-and-a-half year minor league career in the Chicago White Sox and Kansas City Royals’ systems, founder Tom Koerick Jr. is looking forward to bringing SkillShow’s services to Wilson Premier.

“I love telling the stories at these events,” Koerick said. “The challenge with just a recruiting video is you're not telling any stories. You're helping individuals, but when you get to an event, I go back to the fact I'm a baseball player, I can't go to an event without seeing some awesome story about a kid who's persevered, a kid who's got some challenges in his background, obviously a star player, I love that stuff. I love the stories, I always want to be able to share that.

Versed in capturing game footage, doing daily reports, working with talent, creating game highlights, Koerick is ready to provide all SkillShow can offer to Wilson Premier.

“I'm excited to work with Wilson on this unique concept in the event space.  If we can be in it early on, and be a great partner, that'd be exciting for us.”

In front of the camera will be Amanda Gonzalez, joining Wilson Premier Baseball this summer as multimedia reporter and on-air host.

"Working in sports has been a dream of mine," Gonzalez said. "I really love people, I like asking questions and I like learning and sharing. I appreciate the entire process of digesting a story and being able to be the voice." 

Gonzalez joins Wilson Premier Baseball as not only a broadcast journalist, but one with an extensive background in being central to executing an exceptional experience for a sport audience.

A Southern California native, Gonzalez, raised in the baseball hotbed as an Angels fans, has been in the world of professional sports herself for the last four years as a member of the Los Angeles Kings Ice Crew. As a part of the Ice Crew, Gonzalez helped make sure Kings fans were treated to a world-class hockey experience by supporting in-arena events and promotions, as well as aiding the Kings' charitable efforts with on-location appearances and community engagement. 

In Wilson Premier's commitment to providing travel baseball teams with an unparalleled experience, Gonzalez is a perfect fit to anchor the summer Championship and Classic event media operations.

"With Wilson Premier Baseball, I appreciate everything they stand for, with their focus on the experience," said Gonzalez, who has covered baseball events from Perfect Game's World Wood Bat Association World Championship, the Chicago White Sox’ Amateur City Elite signing ceremony, ABCA National Convention and the Dodger Stadium College Baseball Classic. "I'm excited to work with players, teams and individuals to help promote their journeys and experience."

With a passion for storytelling, Gonzalez will go inside the action, from the first pitch in Phoenix to the final out in Sarasota, with daily recaps, interviews, player spotlights and more, providing Wilson Premier Baseball with an unmatched media presence. 

"It's a huge responsibility, but I take pride and there's passion in meeting new people, and being able to build relationships with an audience through providing exposure of an experience."

The experience. Wilson Premier Baseball is set to execute its mission in providing travel baseball with only the best - and with Localive, SkillShow and Amanda Gonzalez - all skilled in providing first-class services to sporting events, we’re ready to show all of what that entails.   So go ahead, enjoy the ride, it is sure to be well worth your time.